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Desk Fan, 2019

Solo university project focused on creating new design philosophies.

The desk fan looks to counter seasonal obsolescence by offering a product with year-round use in the form of a fan for summer months and a light for winter months. The shade for the light is made from porcelain to allow the light to diffuse through gently. The product is also designed for disassembly using just four screws encouraging repair and thus extending product lifecycles. 

Delivery System.png

The project also saw the addition of a new relationship and accompanying system between the seller and customer, sharing the responsibility of the product. The accompanying delivery system is similar to that of rubbish collection and the traditional milk-person where a yearly or monthly subscription sees that customers can get timely delivery on days that are identified in advance as well as the ability to return and send parcels. This system would put less vehicles on the road and could use reusable boxes and containers, reducing traffic, emissions and waste.

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