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HSR2, 2015

Junior Designer at tp24.

Tp24 is a low energy lighting company that design and manufacture a complete range of lighting solutions specialising in replaceable LED's. HSR2 is the second generation of their patented Halo Speed Ring that utilises the spring clip and screw pictured above.

HSR2 is the first product I have designed to be patented; I designed HSR2 during a summer internship to aid in the installation of their light fittings. The previous design of HSR made the final steps of installation tricky due to having to hold the fitting while screwing the small screws into the HSR ring; the new system addresses the issue by clipping onto the HSR ring taking the weight while the screws are secured in place.

HSR2 Clip Working Drawing.png
HSR2 2.png
HSR2 4.png
HSR2 Unassembled.jpg
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