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Incanti Wall-Mounted Desk, 2019

Solo university project with Herman Miller

As featured on StudentDesign

The inspiration for the project came from a desire to find a better way of sharing limited space while also suiting the needs of multiple users.

Incanti is a versatile cantilevered desk-system that creates a shared workspace.

The product is made up of two main components: the wall-mounted frame and the work surface. These can be joined in three different positions to suit various tasks: 
1) Positioned horizontally to form a familiar desk setup.
2) An inclined position, based on a drawing board, for working or exhibiting.
3) It also stores in a vertical position which allows for presentations & exhibitions.

The focus of the design was to promote share-ability but additionally, its final form and multiple positions, make it ideal for small or unusual spaces. The deliberately simple design is suitable for a range of locations such as commercial spaces, educational institutes or within a home environment.


The products design is suited to be transported flatpack, reducing its carbon footprint and keeping the retail price down. The product’s packaging also doubles up as a guide for quick and easy installation by the end-user.

The simplicity of the product offers various options for customisation to suit its surroundings, such as branding (utilising colour & artwork) and surface finishes (wood, laminate, MFC, Fenix or whiteboard).

The workstation desk-top utilises a sandwiched honeycomb card centre to reduce weight, enabling it to cantilever in various positions against the wall-mounted tubular steel structure.

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