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Injection Moulded Clip, 2018

Solo university project to create a two-part injection moulded clip.


I opted to design the clip for the transport industry, developing a shape that was strong enough and simple enough to open in an emergency. The project also questioned the topic of material perception, using plastic instead of metal. 

Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 12.24.00.png
Screenshot 2020-07-04 at 12.20.30.png

Above shows a section view of the clip as well as the draft analysis which allows it to be manufactured using a two-part mould for each part of the clip.

Clip Assembly 3.jpg

The clip's design requires no side actions, keeping tooling simpler and much less expensive. It blends what would typically be manufactured from a minimum of three parts into just two using a live hinge and uses haptic communication with specific grooves and ergonomics.

Clip Sketch.jpg
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