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London Relays Baton, 2019

Group Project for City Relays

The brief was to design a recognisable shape that was still understood as a running baton. The client wanted the baton to include a GPS module and antenna, a power source and a light source. 

The final design utilises an interchangeable half-lock handle allowing City Relays to keep future costs down by only swapping out the 3D printed half to update the appearance. 

One of a team of four Plymouth University students that were selected to design and manufacture the 'I MOVE LONDON RELAY' Baton. The London Relay takes place in the centre of London and runs non-stop for 30 days from June 29 to July 28. Our client, Danny Bent, founded the relay to help raise money for The Running Charity, an organisation set up to help 16-25-year-olds living homeless.


My role throughout the project changed as I was admitted to hospital for four weeks with an emergency subclavian DVT following a rugby injury that resulted in a collapsed lung. (I have since stopped playing rugby.) I started as the client liaison and joint head of design on the project switching to CAD technician and technical help

Time Line of Events

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