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ReConnect, 2019

Solo university project focused on intergenerational communication.

To create a transgenerational communication device, I chose to come from a slightly different angle. From user studies and observational insights, I quickly understood that a significant factor in the loss of intergenerational communication was the result of developing technology. Older generations are typically less familiar with new technology and thus find it more complicated to pick up. Younger generations find it easy to use, but more challenging to put down. My answer to this was to create a product that helped limit the usage of technology, encouraging a face to face connection; a physical solution is also more likely to develop a conscious thought process to change as opposed to a stand-alone app.

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"US adults will spend an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2018."​

- Yoram Wurmser, 2018

The product works by using an app to manage limits based on location, time and proximity to other users with transportable cards that impose the restrictions through signal blockers. The cards can store in a charging hub that can also double up as a signal blocker to create more friendly periods when families are at home. For activities like eating dinner and playing games, the hub can be turned up or turned down depending on the level of social focus required or desired.

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